One of the biggest debates recently, especially with President Trump taking office, has been gun control. On the left we have the liberals who claim that the key to stopping violent crimes is by banning all guns, or at least making them hard to get. On the right, we have the conservatives claiming that it is a constitutional right to bear arms, and that banning guns is illegal, and won’t solve any problems. So, who’s right?

Chicago, IL, has some of the strictest gun laws in the country. It is harder than ever for good people to purchase and keep guns legally, in case of an emergency, when you need to defend yourself. Because of this, the homicide rate has reached unimaginable heights. In 2016 there were 787 homicides, an astonishing 72% rise in homicide rate. In contrast, the state with the MOST guns only had 178 homicides, a mere 6% rise from the previous year. Remember, this is a whole entire STATE compared to one city. This should be clear evidence that simply making it hard for good people to get guns is not the answer. Whether you like it or not, criminals will always be able to illegally obtain weapons, leaving the law abiding citizens to fend for themselves, with no protection. It has been proven and proven again that guns in the right hands can prevent crimes. In chicago in April of 2015, a man with a concealed handgun stopped what would have likely been a mass shooting. From “An Uber driver put his concealed carry permit to use Friday night when he pulled a gun and opened fire on a man he saw firing a pistol into a group of people on a Logan Square sidewalk, according to prosecutors.” “The 47-year-old Uber driver “was acting in self-defense and in the defense of others,” Assistant State’s Attorney Barry Quinn said. . . .” This is only one example of good people being able to stop crimes, because they legally carry a gun. Had the Uber driver not had his gun, there may have been multiple people killed, and he himself could have been a victim.

All sources to the statistics and facts here:


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